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Aussie Somalis - General information about Somalis, including Australian breeder links.

Electronic Somali Register - Online database of Somali cats and catteries.

Cat Sites

Sammy"s Cat Scratching Poles and Posts

Atelier De La Croix - Gifts for cats.

Cats of Australia - All sorts of info for Australian cat owners. - All sorts of info for Australian cat owners.

Cattery Index - A comprehensive directory of Catteries world wide.

Feline Control Council of Victoria FCCV

Kitty Sites


The Pet Directory

Somali Catteries

Ikati Cattery - Victoria, Australia.

Somalicana cattery - Donetsk, Ukraine

Other Catteries

WillowPark Abyssinians

Merindalee Abyssinians

AJAYS Bengals


KinTraks - Animal Breeder Software.

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